The website belongs to the Saint of Naqshbandia Order Hazrat Khuwaja Mohammad Abdul Ghaffar Alias Pir Mitha Sain R.A

The period of Hazrat Pir Mitha with Pir Qureshi was out of description! Hazrat Pir Mitha became one of the khalifa of Hazrat Pir Qureshi, and migrated to Sindh, The heart of Hazrat Pir Mitha was full with love of Allah and face was shiny like sun, Pir Mitha Sain had a power a KASHAF UL QULOOB (knowing secrets/thinkings of heart) and other powers (KARAMAAT)
Through the special nigah of murshid and Ishq e Mustafa; “HE BECAME GHOUS AND MUJADID” through his powers, preachings and other Karamaat.

The present custodian/Sajah-Nasheen (picture displayed on the left side) is
Hazrat Pir Mohammad Abdul Ghaffar Naqshbandi (Pir Mitha Sani)


During the starting of the 14th century, Huzoor Pir Mitha Sain was born in a small village of Punjab. His father molana yar mohammad was one of the renowned scholars in his area, & his brothers was also the scholars. Hazrat Pir Mitha Sain received his early islamic education from his father and elder brother in the age of the child, then he went to receive advanced deeni (religious) education in different Islamic schools (madarsah) in Punjab and Sindh. He completed his education in twenty years by studying in different cities and areas across Punjab. When his education completed through twenty years, his thirst of soul (roohani talab) rised day by day and to shower his thirst he became soully student (mureed) of Hazrat Khuwaja Fateh Mohammad Qadri R.A.

The great Saint of silsila e qadiriya and a mustajab ud dawa person but in short period the beloved khuwaja fateh mohammad left this faani world.
Hazrat Pir Mitha Sain was become very upset due to his incomplete thirst. And in these days there was a big name of a Saint “namely hazrat Pir fazal ali qureshi rahmatullah alaih” of naqshbandi mujadidi order, when hazrat Pir Mitha listened to his appreciations from everyone, he decided to meet Pir qureshi and get baiyyat (mureed) from him….

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